Benefit of having Tilak during Puja

Chandan Mantra
Chandan (Tilak)

Tilak mantra is pronounced when tilak or Chandan applied between the brows on the forehead, where the ajna chakra is located. Tilak is applied to the ajna chakra to invoke divine energy and serve as a reminder of one’s ultimate life objective.

How to Tilak is applied in forehead?

  • Apply tilak on the frontal point i.e. exactly in the middle of the eyebrows.
  • Apply tilak to the Lord with the ring finger.
  • Keep the left hand on the left ear.
  • Applying tilak on Madhyama increases life.
  • Doing tilak with the thumb is affirmative.
  • In auspicious and Vedic works and festivals always apply tilak.
Chandan tilak mantra

Tilak mantra

  1. Om Chandanasya Mahatapunyam Pabitram Papanasanam Apadam Harte Nitya Lakshmi Sthistati Sarvada.
  2. Punyaam yasyamayushyam tilakam praseedatu. Kanti Laxmi Dhritim Saukhyam Saubhagyamatulum Balam. Dadatu chandanam nityam sathtam dharyamyah.
  3. Kesavananta Govind Barah Purushottam. Punyaam yasyamayushyam tilakam praseedatu.

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