Name of Chhappan Bhog at Sri Jagannath Temple, Puri

Chhappan Bhog is also widely named as the famous Mahaprasad. Bhog is the god’s food or offering. The 56 (Chhappan Bhog) different food items offered to Lord Jagannath which referred as the lotus-eyed of lord Jagannath.
Every day 56 food items are presented to Lord Jagannath in Shri Jagannath Temple every day. The Bhog or Naivedya is first offered to Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra, and Goddess Subhadra at the Sri Mandir, and then to Maa Bimala . The remaining Nivedana after the God accepts it is known as ‘Nirmalya.’

Types of Chhappan Bhog

There are six main types of offerings that are made at different times of the day. The following is a complete list of the 56 chhappan bhog dishes:
Chappan Bhog_Jagannath Temple_Puri
Chhappan Bhog_Jagannath Temple_Puri
  1. Gopala Vallabha Bhoga (8.30 AM)
  2. Sakala Dhupa (10.00 AM)
  3. Bhoga Mandapa Bhoga (11.00 AM)
  4. Madhyanha Dhupa (12.30 PM to 1.00 PM)
  5. Sandhya Dhupa (7.00 PM to 8.00 PM)
  6. Bada Srungara Bhoga (11.00 PM)

It is unquestionably not a simple undertaking to prepare 56 dishes. On the other hand, Goddess Maa Laxmi is said to oversee all and ensure that it is made with the highest dedication and care.

List of 56 Dishes

Sl. No Types of DishesNo. of Dishes
1Rice Dish9
2Sweet Dish12
3Pitha and Manda12
4Milk Dish9
5Dal & Curry14

A. Rice dishes.

  1. Sadha Anna – Rice that has been cooked in water.
  2. Dahi Pakhala – Rice that has been soaked in water and combined with curd.
  3. Kanika – Rice flavoured with ghee and sugar.
  4. Thali Khichudi – Yellow rice, lentils, ghee, and sugar in a bowl.
  5. Ada Pakhala – Rice cooked in water with grated ginger
  6. Ghea Anna – Rice cooked with ghee.
  7. Mitha Pakhala – Rice soaked in water and sweetened.
  8. Odia Pakhala – Rice cooked in water with ghee, lemon, and salt.
  9. Khecudi – Lentil and rice mixture
    B. Sweets dishes.
  10. Khaja – A sweet meal made with common ingredients such as maida.
  11. Gaja – Wheat is cooked and then soaked in sugar syrup to make this sweet delicacy.
  12. Ladu – Flour, sugar, and ghee are used to make this delectable round-shaped sweet dessert.
  13. Jeera Ladu – Cumin seeds, lemon juice, sugar, and salt are used to make this ladoo.
  14. Magaja Ladu –Made with gramme flour, ghee, milk, and sugar, this ladoo is exceptionally flavorful.
  15. Mathapuli – Ghee, beans mashed into a thick paste, and ginger are used in this unique sweet delicacy.
  16. Khuruma – Sugar, wheat, ghee, and salt are used to make it.
  17. Jagannath Ballav – A black-colored item prepared with wheat, sugar, and ghee.
  18. Kakara – Ghee, sugar, grated coconut, and wheat are used in this popular Odia dish.
  19. Luni Khuruma – Ghee, wheat, and salt are used to make this salty biscuit.
  20. Marichi Ladu – Wheat and sugar are used to make this sort of ladoo.
  21. Suar Pitha –Wheat and ghee are used to make it. C. Pitha and Manda:-
  22. Chadai Lada – Wheat, ghee, and sugar are used to make this sweet meal.
  23. Jhilli – Rice flour, ghee, and sugar are used to make this popular sweet dish.
  24. Kanti – Rice flour and ghee are used to make this dish.
  25. Manda – Rice, coconut, jaggery, cheese, and ghee are used to make this cake.
  26. Amalu – Wheat, sugar, and ghee are used to make this food.
  27. Puri – A flour and ghee-based deep-fried dish. Basically, it’s a type of bread.
  28. Luchi – A deep-fried pancake-like snack consisting of maida and ghee.
  29. Dahi Bara – A deep-fried dish made with Biri/Urad dal. It’s covered in curd.
  30. Bara – Biri dal and ghee are used to make this fried food.
  31. Arisa – Rice flour, sugar, and ghee are used to make this flat cake..
  32. Tripuri – Another flat cake made with rice, flour, sugar, and ghee.
  33. Rosapaik – This cake is made with wheat and ghee.
    D. Milk Dishes
  34. Khiri – A rice-based dessert made with milk and sugar.
  35. Papudi – Only the cream of milk is used to make this dish.
  36. Khua –A dish made from pure milk that has been slowly cooked for many hours to achieve a creamy custard-like consistency.
  37. Rasabali – This delicious sweet dessert is made with milk, sugar, and wheat.
  38. Tadia –Fresh cheese, sugar, and ghee are used in this traditional Odia dish.
  39. Chhena Khai – It is made of fresh cheese, milk, and sugar.
  40. Bapudi Khaja –Made from the cream of milk, sugar, and ghee.
  41. Khua Manda –It is made of milk, wheat, and ghee.
  42. Sarapulli – This is the most famous milk dish prepared and the most difficult too. It is mainly made of pure milk boiled for hours.
    E. Dal & Curries
  43. Biri Dali – A simple dal made of biri/urad.
  44. Chana dali – A simple dal made of chana.
  45. Mitha dali – A thick dal made from arhar dal (Pigeon pea/Legume) made with sugar and is sweet in taste.
  46. Muga Dali – It is a type of odia dish prepared with lentil dal.
  47. Dalama – It is a typical Odia dish which is a combination of many types of dal and vegetables such as: Baigana (Eggplant), Kakharu (Pumpkin), Bean, Kanda Mula (sweet potato), Coconut, Bodhi (a dried root vegetable that looks like a mushroom) with hing (asafoetida). Because tomatoes (Bilati Baigana) are a foreign vegetable, they are not utilised in Puri Abhada.
  48. Raita – A yogurt dish with radish, cucumber,salt and curd.
  49. Besar- A vegetable curry mixed with plenty of coconut and mustard paste.
  50. Saga – A dish made with leafy green plants like Spinach, Leutia, Koshala that is seasoned with garlic.
  51. Baigini. –A fried item made with eggplants
  52. Goti Baigana – A dish made of small eggplants and coconut sauce.
  53. Khata – A sour item made with cooked mango, apple, grape mixed and cooked together.
  54. Mahura – A type of mixed vegetable curry that uses very basic ingredients like Kakharu (Pumpkin), Saru (Arbi/ Taro) Kanda Mula (Sweet potato).
  55. Pita – An item made with the fried flowers of Neem tree.
  56. Potala Rasa- Potala (Pointed gourd) and coconut milk are the major components in this popular spicy gravy-based odia meal.

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