Ananta Yuga-the divine brightness era begins

Ananta Yuga or Ananta Yug, the much awaited Yuga has already been started where the destroy will begin for the sinners and save for the saints, according to Sanatana-Hindu beliefs. Jai Jay Sri Satya Anant Madhav Kalkiram Mahaprabhu.

What is Ananat Yug

  • The Yuga which never ends.
  • People will live with no disease.
  • No one is physically, spiritually, or bodily harmed.
  • Everyone lives in peace and affection for one another.
Ananta Yug
Ananta Yug

What happens in the end of Kali Yug and starts of Ananta Yug

  • A major earthquake in the Himalayas and elsewhere will rock Earth three times. The North Pole will shift to the South Pole, causing amazing changes in the world. Thus, the Sun will rise from the west.
  • In summer, the Sun will be cool and tolerant. Moonlight will be brighter and more vibrant. Because Lord Kalkiram will set the Sun and Moon after 7 days of darkness.
  • Extreme heat is making many people sick, and the sun is intolerable. Heat is causing water scarcity. This reduces agricultural crops.
  • In the next eternal age, Sunlight will be cool and lovely. A balance of Earth, Nature, and the Five Elements will eliminate the need for air conditioning and fans in summer. We need power at night to see, but in the Sanatan Yug, there will be none.
  • Moonlight will be vivid and vibrant. No one will miss the electricity and the light will be bearable. We currently labor during the day, but in the Eternal Age, we can work at night.
  • Nobody will require street lights. The seawater will become sweet and drinkable. This will happen with SatyaYug power and no pollution. Good rice and wheat will be cultivated in a month during peak agriculture.
  • There will be no severe rain or flooding, and it will only rain at night so people can work and travel without disruption. Since there will be no daytime rain, work will go well.
  • In the AnantYug, no sickness will kill anyone. No one will be poor or hungry, and Rupee, Dollar, or Euro notes will stop.
  • Trade will employ gold and silver coins. All followers and society members will have equal rights and living conditions. Everyone will have all the amenities and enjoyment they need. Society and family will be peaceful and pleasant. Ram Rajya will be founded when people consume fresh, Sattvik food, changing their eating patterns.

Lift Span of four Yugas

  • Satya Yuga – 17.28 lakh years.
  • Tretaya Yuga – 12.96 lakh years.
  • Dwapara Yuga – 8.64 lakh years.
  • Kali Yuga – 4.32 lakh years.

Interesting Facts about Four Yugas in Hindusim

The unending Wheel of Yugas. What are the four yugas or yugs

  • Satya Yuga – The Era of Truth
  • Treta Yuga – The Silver Age
  • Dvapar Yuga – The Era of Truthfulness and Compassion
  • Kali  Yuga- The iron Age
What are the Lord Vishnu’s different Avatars in Different Four Yugas or Yugs

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu’s first four incarnations appear during the Satya yuga, or golden period (Matsya, Kurma, Varaha). In the Treta Yuga, Vishnu manifested his following three incarnations (Vamana, Narasimha, Parasurama). The following two are from the Dwapara Yuga. Kalki is Lord Vishnu’s most recent avatar.

  1. Matsya (Fish – Satya Yuga)
  2. Kurma (Tortoise – Satya Yuga)
  3. Varaha (Boar – Satya Yuga)
  4. Narasimha (Half-man/half-lion – Satya Yuga)
  5. Vamana (Dwarf – Treta Yuga)
  6. Parashurama (Warrior with an Axe – Treta Yuga)
  7. Rama (Prince/king of Ayodhya – Treta Yuga)
  8. Balarama (Philosopher & Guide – Dwapara Yuga)
  9. Krishna (Philosopher & Guide – Dwapara Yuga)
  10. Kalki (Eternity/White-Horse – Kali Yuga)

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