More Unknown Facts on Akshaya Tritiya

Let us know some unknown facts on Akshaya Tritiya. As you know Akshaya Tritiya is observed to bring good fortune into people’s lives. Purchasing gold and real estate on this day is thought to bring prosperity and wealth in the future. But there is some facts you must know.

akshaya tritiya
akshaya tritiya

Unknown Facts on Akshaya Tritiya

  • On this day, Gangamata was abducted.
  • This is the birthday of Maharshi Parashuram.
  • Maa Annapurna also appeared on this day.
  • Shame on Draupadi at the Kurusabha site by giving him a coat Lord Krishna prevented this day.
  • This is also the reunion of Krishna Sudama, the symbol of the greatest friendship.
  • Deva Kripa Love, Kuber also has all the wealth The key was received on this day.
  • This great age began with the age of Satya and Tretaya
  • Akshay Kumar, the son of Brahma, was born on this day.
  • The gates of the famous Badrinath Dham, which was previously closed, are still open today.
  • The gates of the famous Badrinath Dham, which was previously closed, open today.
  • Only on this day does the vision of Sri Vigraha Charan appear, or else he is covered in objects all year round.
  • The Mahabharata war ended on this day.
  • Akshaya Tritiya is a self-fulfilling, virtuous date on which any good deed can be done.

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