Benefits of Surya Namaskar Mantra

Surya namaskar

Why we do Surya Namaskar and its benefit.

Suryanamaskar mantra is a powerful mantra. We should practice the every day for positive energy and boosts our self-assurance. It also strengthens our self-confidence makes us more disciplined and maintains our body, mind and spirit balance. 

The Perfect time for Suryanamaskar

The perfect time is between 05.30 Hrs to 06.15 Hrs early in the morning when the sun is looks red.

How to do Suryanamaskar

Bath early in the morning, wear yellow colour (perfectly) clothes with water. Moving to the east give the water 11 times.

Result of Suryanamaskar

Offering frequent water to Sun (Surya Devata) has many great benefits, including discipline and maintaining body, mind, and spirit balance. It remove all odds in your life with giving all round success. The first rays of the sun motivate us to achieve early achievement and success in our daily lives. It bestows on you all of life’s joys, as well as good health and money


Let us know the suryanamaskar mantra. Chant with everyday.

  1. Om japakusum samakasham kasyaapeyam mahaadyutim tamoreeyam sarv paapaghnan praanatosmi dibaakaram.
  2. Om Ghruni aditaya namah.
  3. Hey Suryanarayan, hey nishikaant, hey dinesh, hey rathang, hey bhaaskar, hey prabhaakar, hey divaakar, hey niraakaar aap sabhee shakti kee aadhaar, dosh aparaadhbodh door karen, grah kalaee ko door karen, shani raahu ketu mahaakaal ke prakop ko door karen, akaal mrtyu se mukti, mark dosha dur karen, guruchandal ke aparaadhabodh se mukti, dhan, jan, aayu aur prasiddhi pradaan karen”.

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