Top 10 Hottest Places of the World 2024

In 2024, the world’s warmest areas will still be characterized by severe surroundings and high temperatures. Some of the hottest places in the earth are:

  • Lut Desert, Iran- 80.3°C (176.5°F)-2005
  • Furnace Creek, Death Valley, USA-56.7°C (134°F)-1913
  • Kebili, Tunisia, Sahara Desert- 55°C (131°F).
  • Ahvaz, Iran- 54°C (129.2°F).
  • Tirat Tzvi, Israel-54°C (129°F)-1942
  • Mitribah, Kuwait- 53.9°C (129°F)-2016 which is the highest temperature ever recorded in Asia.
  • Turbat, Pakistan, Balochistan-53°C (128.7°F).
  • Al Jazeera Border Gate, United Arab Emirates-52.1°C (125.8°F)-2012, which is the highest temperature ever recorded in the UAE
  • Mexicali, Mexico, Sonoran Desert-52°C (125.6°F).
  • Death Valley, California, USA-47°C (116.6°F)

FAQ / People Also Ask

  1. What is the No 1 hottest city in the world – Furnace Creek in Death Valley, California (USA) is the hottest spot on Earth, with a temperature of 56.7°C (134°F) measured on July 10, 1913. In the summer, Death Valley’s average daily high is 45°C (113°F).
  2. What is the 10 hottest country in the world – Mali, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Mauritania, Tuvalu, Djibouti, The Gambia, Maldives, Benin and Palau.

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