Relationship between the Living Being and Supreme God

Living and Supreme

Both the living and supreme are conscious and therefore are friends and compliment of each other. So together they live in a figurative tree. The tree is rooted. The living being forgets the presence of God because of its low flow of knowledge, takes the fruit of the tree, that is, the fruit of the taste, and remains attached to it.

But God is not involved in the knowledge of the whole. So he does not fall into the cycle of birth and death. But while enjoying the soul, one loses oneself in the midst of the enjoyment and becomes self-absorbed and forgets oneself.

What should be the relationship between the living and supreme?

Living and Supreme

Spiritually the first and foremost person in the world is human being in the world. He should not pay attention to the fact that he should keep his behavior, words, and mind completely holy to Supreme.
The ultimate goal, hope, aspiration, spiritual and religious concern for a living being for whole life should be the Supreme.

So the first and foremost duty and spiritual responsibility of the soul of a living being is to transforms their inner self into a full-fledged human being. Like the person who in love always care his counterpart for his like, dislike, gifts, Short messages, her favourite food, dress etc, thus like living should be care about the supreme for every seconds in his life till death. It may be by means of chanting mantras, “bhajan and kirttan”, “Naam”, devoted service, spirituality, charity and good deeds, with infinite love.

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