Benefit of Chanting Mantras 108 times

Chanting Mantras 108 times
Benefit of Chanting Mantras 108 times

Chanting mantras 108 times boosts our positive energy and boosts our self-assurance. We will receive greater rewards if you chant more numbers. Our skilled Pandits advise that you choose the number of chantings (9, 27, 54, 108, etc.) based on your conviction and time; more numbers will provide you with more benefit.

There are various questions and arguments or assertions made by various Pandits, religious Gurus, Vedic experts, and astrologers regarding the auspiciousness of chanting Mantras 108 times.

Some also advised to chant 9, 27, 54, and 108 times. As per the Vedic and scientific facts surrounding the number and discovered the top 05 reasons for chanting mantras 108 times, which considered auspicious and good to humans. The five reasons for repeating the mantras 108 times are as follows.

Why Chanting Mantras 108 times?

1st Reason:-In the solar system, there are 9 planets and 12 zodiac signs that move around those planets. As a result, 9 x 12 equals to 108. This simply means that in order to respect the solar system, one should repeat the any type of mantras 108 times.

2nd Reason:-There are 27 stars in Sanatan Dharma, each with four Pada or Padas. As a result, 27 x 4 Equals 108. As a result, the number 108 has long been revered in Hinduism and yoga.

3rd Reason:-The Sun’s diameter is 864327 miles, whereas the moon’s diameter is 2159 miles. The distance between the Sun and the Moon can be calculated by multiplying the diameter of the Sun and Moon by 108.

4th Reason:-The number 108 symbolises the ultimate reality of the cosmos. The number “1” represents one thing, “0” represents nothing, and “8” represents everything or infinity.

5th Reason:-The Sanskrit alphabet consists of 54 letters. Shiva is the masculine, and Shakti is the feminine, with Shiva being the masculine and Shakti being the feminine. As a result, 54 multiplied by two equals 108.

Following an examination of the Vedic and scientific facts surrounding the number 108, it is concluded that it is a sacred number that represents the universe. The numbers 9, 27, and 54 are also good.

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