Guru Bandana: Importance of a Satguru in every life

Guru Bandana

Let us know the importance of a guru in everyone’s life How to worship the Guru and Who will be the Satguru.

Guru is a Sanskrit Word which means a mentor, guide, expert or master of a specific field of knowledge. As you know that in indian traditions teacher-student relation in education system, Guru-shishya tradition in Gurukula in ancient indian traditions are the best example. Beyond that Lets us know some more about why a spiritual Guru is badly needed today in every life to show the right path in life.

Characteristics of Guru

  • Calm in Mind.
  • Pure in body.
  • Wise in all topics.
  • Truthful in voice.
  • Hardworking in nature.

Who is a True Guru?

Guru is not only the human being, but also Guru is light to darkness and wisdom to ignorance. Now a days there is a race to become the guru, but a sadhguru is one who

  • Mentor in every part of your life.
  • Gives you the positive energy and remove the negative.
  • Stand aside in every moments to protect you.
  • Solution to the every problems of your life.
  • Answer to your every questions in your mind.
  • Teaches how to fight in every steps in today’s life to live happily.
  • Feeds you the nectar or the “amrut” of life by removing the poisons.
  • Show the right path when ever you stop.
  • Complete in all nature.
  • Complement in all respect.
  • Lastly Sadhguru is infinite, complete describe about is not possible.

Guru Bandana

Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Deva Maheshwar
Guru Sakshat Parambrahm, Tasmeshree Gurbe Namah.
Agyan Timarandhasya Jnanajan Shalakaya Chakshuramilatam Yen Tasmeshri Gurbe Namah

How to worship Guru?

A True guru does not want a flower, incense sticks, fruits& sweets or chandan and tilak to worship rather he wants disciple

  • Always learns form his teaching.
  • Walk on the path he shows.
  • Chant the mantra what he gives as the each and every Guru’s words are the Guru’s mantras.

Guru Purnima

It is a day to express gratitude for this source of wisdom that keeps you balanced in the midst of life’s challenges and allows you to move with confidence and vision. Gurubandanda Mantra on Guru Purnima.

Guru mo antar tume hrudaya devata
Bhava Potta Karna Dhar Gurupita Mata.
Se pada pankaje mana rahu nirantar.
Namo Namah Gurudev Karuna Sagar

Lastly we just pray the god every disciple will find a true guru who cross the false and selfish world with his divine words.

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