How the Parijat Flower comes from Heaven to Earth

The Parijat flower, also known as Night-flowering Jasmine and used in traditional medicine to cure a variety of ailments. His blossoming tree may be seen from a long way away. Its scent is so captivating that it will take your breath away. Small inflorescence of white flowers with an orange centre and a wonderful aroma bloom exclusively at night. The coral jasmine flower, known as parijata, is Krishna’s favourite flower.

Parijat flower

Night-flowering jasmine or Parijat

Nyctanthes arbor-tristis, often known as Night-flowering jasmine or Parijat, is a Nyctanthes species native to Southeast Asia. Nyctanthes arbor-tristis is a tiny tree or shrub that grows up to 10 metres tall and has flaky grey bark.

  • Scientific name: Nyctanthes arbor-tristis
  • Family: Oleaceae
  • Order: Lamiales
  • Kingdom: Plantae

Story Behind Divine Flower Parijat

There is a legend in the Puranas, according to which once Devrishi Narada came to the earth to meet Shri Krishna. At that time he had beautiful flowers of Parijat in his hands and he presented those flowers to Shri Krishna. Krishna handed over those flowers to his wife Rukmani sitting next to him, but when Krishna’s second wife Satyabhama came to know about this, she got angry and asked Krishna for a parijat tree for her garden.

Satyabhama’s anger did not subside even after Krishna’s persuasion and in the end, bowing to his wife’s insistence. He sent one of his messengers to bring the Parijat tree to heaven, but on his demand, Indra refused and did not give the tree. When this message reached Krishna, he became furious and attacked Indra. Krishna won the battle and brought the Parijat tree from Indra. The defeated Indra, in anger, cursed the parijat tree to never bear fruit, that is why the tree never bears fruit.

As promised, Krishna brought that tree and got it planted in Satyabhama’s garden, but while teaching him a lesson, he did something due to which flowers used to grow on the tree at night but they used to fall only in the garden of his first wife Rukmani. That is why even today when the flowers of this tree fall, they fall far away from the tree.

Benefit of Parijat Flower and Leaves

  • Parijata’s flowers and leaves utilised in a variety of treatments.
  • Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic, anti-oxidative, and anti-fungal properties are found in the leaves.
  • The flowers are sedative, diuretic, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory.
  • The seeds of the Parijat tree used to treat skin problems and constipation.
  • The floral oil also widely used as a fragrance. Because the flower has a powerful scent, it is used to make incense sticks.

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