Saptarishi Names – The Names of Seven Sages

Hinduism was founded in ancient India by a group of seven sages known as the Saptarishi or Saptarushi. It is thought and found that there are various Saptarishi in each Vedas and scripture. The names of the Saptarishi vary from one scripture to another.

Saptarishi or Saptarushi

The Saptarishi names are Kratu, Pulaha, Pulatsya, Atri, Angiras, Vashishtha, and Marichi. They are the brightest stars in the north-side of the sky, which are always seen through naked eye. In addition to the seven stars, there is a star just aside the Vashishtha Star called as Arundhati (wife of Saint Vashishtha).

FAQ / People Also Ask

1. What the reason Why God Brahma Created Saptarishi ?

The Saptarishi are the seven Indian sages that God Brahma created and sent to earth for provide the required Knowledge during transition or Mahapralaya.

2. Who is Arundhati ?

Wife of Saint Vashishtha

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