Why Aalti or Arati & incense are circled during Puja

Aalti or Arati and incense sticks are carried around in a circle during Puja. During the puja, the Alati and incense are moved in a round shape. No one ever rolls incense into triangles or squares. But why incense is given only in round form Let us know.

Alati and incense circled during puja
Alati and incense circled during puja

Reason why Aalti and incense are circled during Puja

  • If we look at it according to the Vedic opinion – the main reason is to gain spiritual power. Simply, we all have a divine sphere, which is round or circular in shape. Be it a photo of a deity worshiped at a place of worship or a Murti, all have a supernatural aura or divine sphere.
  • So when we worship and offer the aalati or incense sticks in a circle, the power of us, the goddess and the abhamandala of the incense combine to form a circle. In this circle resides the divine power.
  • By this power we get peace after worship and spiritual feelings arise in the mind. God’s faith awakens faith and increases confidence. Aalati and incense are offered in a circle for the awakening and attainment of this spiritual power. Through this divine power our soul is enlivened and the mind is divine becomes close to divine spirit.
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