Why Brahma is the Universal Divine Father

Brahma-who will be the father

Brahma is one of Hinduism’s most important god. Within the Trimurti God Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, God Brahma is referred to as “The Creator”. God Brahma is related to creation, knowledge, and the Vedas. God Brahma is the universal father who creates the earth.

Let us know why Lord Brahma is Universal Father. The Care, Love, affection and hardship, burden and responsibility of a ‘father.’ which God Brahma describes.

Who will be the ‘Father’

It’s hard to be a ‘father’ The Creator declared Creation must lead “Father” is needed

  • Father’ Who Will endure all the hardships, but crying is forbidden.
  • Will work day and night, it is not allowed to be fresh.
  • Fasting, hunger, It is forbidden to open your mouth.
  • Will share love, compassion, and affection, refusing to search for yourself.

But all in all, no One came forward to say that he will be a father. Brahma pointed out the following lines are needed to be a father.

  • You will be inside the flower Threaded thread
  • Who will strengthen the goods But it will not appear outside.
  • It will be in the milk However, it will not be visible.
  • The spine will be the chest of the body No one will see.
  • Like salt in food At least not more No one will find it there.

Lastly Brahma agreed True, true, three times true. I can do everything for your creation to lead be a father. All the fathers of the world, all the bitterness By enduring, digesting ! The Brahma laughed and said: -Even though I am the creator My worship, my respect, is very low.

You too are alive Can’t get enough respect .We will continue to serve you. In the hope of getting it …Since then all father keep up..

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