Harishankar Peeth: Beauty, Scenic Streaming Rock Gandhamardhan Hill

Harishankar peeth is a holy and famous pedestal at the foot of Gandhamardhan hill near Balangir district. Mahaprabhu Hari Shankar is worshipped here. It situated at Harishankar, Khaprakhol block, Balangir district, Odisha, India.

Harishankar peeth

Details about Harishankar peeth.

Gandhamardhan mountain separates Balangir district and Bargarh district . Mahaprabhu Narsingh Nath is located at the foot of Gandhamardhan mountain in Bargarh district. Although the religion of Harihar unity worship in India dates back to the eighth century AD, it took eleventh century to fully evolve.
In the process, during the reign of King Baijal Dev of the Chauhan dynasty of Patnagarh, the pedestal of this magnificent Harish formed under the direct supervision of Rani Durlava Devi. Historians have already proved that Parimalgiri was formerly a Buddhist monastery here.

Why pilgrims visited.

As a cool resort in the lap of nature, Harishankar is a ideal place for the heat of the summer season. A cool bath with sliding on the streaming rock brings the visitors uncommon happiness. It believed that one can refrain from all his sins with having a bath in the stream and worship the Lord Harishankar for which the devotees from various part of the country come here to fulfill their wishes.

Other attraction of Harishankar peeth.

  • Harishankar as a amazing variety of flora and fauna.
  • A deer park adjoining to the Gandhamardan hill is of huge tourists importance.
  • Tourists from far-flung places flock to Harishankar on the occasion of Baishankha Mela.
  • It is also a very popular picnic spot. Tourist can stay in the panthanivas to enjoy the picturesque scenic beauty of Harishankar.
  • On the Northern slope of the Gandhamardan hills lies Nrusimhanath in Bargarh district. Both the places are connected by a hilltop road of 16kms distance. The pilgrims cover this distance within a day on foot during Nrusingha Chaturdasi Mela.
  • Mountain trekkers and adventurists also find the journey an interesting one.


Harishankar is about 316 Km from Bhubaneswar and 78 km form district headquarter Balangir and is connected by an all-weather good motorable road. Regular bus services operate to and fro from Balangir. But visitors are advised to take their own transport from Balangir town.

Jai Sri Hari Shankar.

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