Sheetala Astami

Basoda Puja

Basoda Puja is held in honour of Goddess Sheetala on Krishna Paksha Ashtami, the day following Holi. Sheetala Astami is another name for Basoda. It usually occurs eight days after Holi, however many people observe it on the first Monday or Friday following Holi. In North Indian states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh, Sheetala Astami is more prevalent.

Details about Sheetla Ashtami

Sheetla Ashtami

There are fasts and festivals in Hinduism every month. In Hinduism, Sheetla Ashtami is celebrated every year on the Ashtami of Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month. This fast falls on the eighth day of Holi. It is believed that by worshiping Sheetla Mata on this day, one gets freedom from diseases and brings happiness and peace in the house. Know when is Sheetala Ashtami- Sheetala Ashtami 2022.

When it it celebrated?

Sheetala Ashtami is celebrated every year on the Ashtami date of the Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month. This year Sheetala Ashtami will be celebrated on March 25. Along with worshiping Sheetla Mata on this day, there is also a law to observe a fast.

Auspicious time of Sheetla Ashtami.

The auspicious time of Sheetla Ashtami will start on Chaitra Krishna Paksha Ashtami Tithi on 24th March 2022, Thursday at 12:09 pm. Ashtami date will remain till 10.04 pm on March 25.

Significance of Sheetla Ashtami.

Sheetla Ashtami has a special significance in Hinduism. It is believed that by worshiping Mata Sheetla on this day, all the sufferings of the devotees are removed and their wishes are fulfilled. Along with this, it is believed to get freedom from diseases. Sheetla Mata is considered to be the giver of coolness. Stale food is offered to Sheetla Mata on the day of Ashtami. After that it is taken as Prasad. It is believed that eating stale food on this day brings blessings of Sheetla Mata.

Families do not light fires for cooking according to Basoda customs. As a result, most families cook a day ahead of time and eat stale food on Sheetala Ashtami day. Goddess Sheetala is said to control smallpox, chickenpox, measles, and other diseases, and people worship her to prevent outbreaks.

Worship method of Sheetala Ashtami.

  • First of all, on the day of Sheetla Ashtami, wake up early in the morning and take a bath.
  • Keep curd, pua, roti, millet, sweet rice made on Saptami, salt pare and mathri in the plate of worship.
  • In the second plate, keep lamp made of flour, roli, clothes, akshat, turmeric, moli, holi garland, coins and mehndi.
  • Keep a bowl of cold water with both the plates.
  • Now worship Sheetla Mata.
  • After offering all the things to the mother, apply turmeric vaccine to yourself and all the members of the house.
  • In the temple, first offer water to the mother and vaccinate Roli and turmeric.
  • Offer Mehndi, Moli and clothes to the mother.
  • Offer the flour lamp to the mother without lighting it.
  • At the end, offer water back and after saving some water, give it to all the members of the house to apply it on the eyes. Sprinkle the remaining water in every part of the house.
  • After this, go to the place of Holika Dahan and worship it. Offer some water and worship material there.
  • After coming home, worship at the place where water is kept.
  • If the worship material is left, then give it to a cow or a Brahmin.

Here some images of Maa Sheetala Astami.

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