Budhha Purnima 2023 Date & Significance of the Festival

Budhha Purinma or Buddha Jayanti or Buddha’s Birthday is a Buddhist celebration commemorating the birth of Prince Siddhartha Gautama, subsequently the Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, in most of East Asia and South Asia. Gautama Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal, around 563–483 BCE, according to Buddhist tradition.

Budhha Jayanti
Budhha Jayanti

Budhha Purnima Date

  • Buddha Purnima 2021-26th May 2021, Wednesday.
  • Budhha Purnima 2022 -16th May 2022, Monday.
  • Buddha Purnima 2023-5th May 2023, Friday.
  • Budhha Purnima 2024 -23th May 2022, Thursday.

Significance of Budhha Purnima

The festival of Buddha Purnima commemorates the birth of Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. It is a sacred event that is commemorated by Buddhists all around the world. Gautam Buddha acquired enlightenment after giving up his regal life and meditating for 49 days.

Budhha Purnima Celebration

People wear white garments and give out kheer (rice pudding) on Buddha Purnima because, according to mythology, a woman named Sujata once gave Gautam Buddha kheer on his birthday, and it has since become a custom. During Vesak, the dharmacakra, or dharma wheel, is a common emblem.

More about on Gautam Budhha

veshak day
Veshak Day
  • On the full moon day of the holy month of Baishakh, 570 BC, Shuddhodan and Rani Mayadevi, the kings of the Shakya dynasty, bowed their heads.
  • As a child, he had a double whammy. She had a miscarriage four days after her birth. Maya Devi’s sister Gautami was responsible for Siddhartha’s upbringing.
  • From the astrologers, the father knew that the child would one day become a monk.
  • He tried to keep her out of the world, but to no avail. During his travels to the city, he saw the elderly, the sick, the Shiva, and the monks, and left the house.
  • At first, the cave near Rajgiri, the capital of Magadha, accepted a sage as a guru, but he was not satisfied with his education and came to Bodh Gaya for severe asceticism.
  • After six years of intense penance, the Buddha realized that this practice was only the essence of hurting the body.
  • He was eventually found dead after meditating and burying himself under a huge ash tree.
  • He then traveled to India and preached the word “Destruction of sorrow in the destruction of lust”.
  • The Buddha’s own path was the ‘middle path’ or the middle path. By following this path, it is possible for Gautama Buddha to be able to get rid of misery and ignorance, as well as to get rid of misery and misery.

3 Buddhist Beliefs

3 Buddhist Beliefs. That Will Change Your Life and make you happier.

  • Dukkha: Life is a source of grief and misery. Many individuals consider Buddhism to be pessimistic or negative.
  • Anitya: Life is always changing.
  • Anatma: The self is in constant flux.

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