Great Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan

Prithviraja III popularly known as Prithviraj Chauhan or Rai Pithora. Today’s generation is talking about his favorite heroes and Very little knows about real hero. So let’s find out some facts about our one real hero and related history and interesting facts.

Prithviraj Chauhan
Prithviraj Chauhan

Brief on Prithviraj Chauhan

  • Full name: – Prithviraj Chouhan
  • Father / Mother: – King Someshwar Chauhan / Kamaladevi
  • Wife: – Sanjukta
  • Date of birth: 1149 AD
  • The coronation took place in 1169 AD.
  • Death: – 1192 AD
  • Capital: Delhi, Ajmer
  • Family: – Chauhan (Rajput)

Some Interesting Facts on Prithviraj Chauhan

  1. At the age of 12, Prithviraj Chouhan tore the face of a ferocious wild lion without any weapons.
  2. He once severed the head of a wild elephant from his body with a sword.
  3. Prithviraj Chouhan’s piece weighed 84 kg, and he was carrying it with one hand. It is unbelievable to hear, but it is true.
  4. He defeated Mohammad Ghori 16 times in battle and gave his life. He swore the Qur’an 16 more times.
  5. During the 17th Ghori War, Prithviraj betrayed and imprisoned Chauhan and took his country and blindfolded him. Even then, he did not bow his head at the royal court.
  6. Mohammad Ghori imprisoned Prithviraj Chouhan and tortured him unspeakably and kept him hungry for months. However, he did not bow his head.
  7. The biggest feature of Prithviraj Chouhan was Sound-piercing arrows that he knew how to shoot. What Ayodhya Naresh knew as “King Dasaratha” …
  8. Prithviraj Chouhan killed Mohammad Ghori with a piercing arrow in a tar-filled court.

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