Sri Biranchinarayan Temple, Palia, Bhadrak

One of the orcs, the peculiarity of Sri Biranchinarayan temple is that, like Konark, there are 14 small chariots in the temple grounds. The temple has four gates. There is a foolishness in the sun on a chariot pulling 4 horses. In addition, the four-faced Brahma is worshiped in the temple.

Biranchi Narayan Temple
Biranchi Narayan Temple

How to reach the temple

  • Air -Bhubaneswar, the Capital Of Odisha is the nearest Air port which is 145 km away from Palia.
  • Train-The Nearest Railway Station is Bhadrak Railway Station, which is 16 km away from Palia.
  • Road -Bhadrak Town , District HQ of Bhadrak district is situated on side of NH 16 and Palia is 15 KM away from Bhadrak Town.

About Biranchinarayan Temple

It is about 14 km from Bhadrak. The temple is now about 75 feet high. According to its construction style, researchers determine the timing and opinion of the Biranchi Narayan temple, which is associated with the spiritual and spiritual sentiments of the people. A reception hall has been set up near the temple of Paliaabandha Baranchinarayan and a place for pilgrims to spend the night. Various work is being done under the auspices of the temple development committee set up to improve the area.

Fairs and Festival

All these worships and fairs are performed according to the movement of the sun. Of these, the Guruni Mela is the next full moon. For three days now, devotees have been visiting Biranchi Narayan to pay homage to the flower and the skin. The fair is said to be aimed at maintaining the Gunduni Maritime Center.

Similarly, on the sixth day of Magh, another special festival is celebrated. On this day, Biranchi Narayan Badsingh is dressed up. People with Krishna disease come to the festival and worship Thakur. In the case of Biranchinarayana, people used to see the rising sun on certain beaches, such as Maghsaptami, on the beach near the Konark temple.

Photos on Biranchinarayan Temple

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