Baba Akhandalamani Temple, Aradi, Bhadrak, HD Photos

Baba Akhandalamani

Lord Shiva’s dwelling is the Akhandalamani Temple, which is located on the banks of the Baitarani River. The main attraction of the location is its Akhandalamanilegendary heritage, which contributes significantly to Bhadrak tourism. According to legend, king Niladri Samara Singha Mohapatra began worshipping God Akhandalamani 350 years ago. After discovering a black glazed granite stone beneath and dreaming of the god. The religious and historical significance of the site, on the other hand, makes it a tourist attraction of particular appeal in Bhadrak. Furthermore, the temple’s exquisite carvings are also worth seeing for tourists.

Fair and Festivals

Bhadrak’s Akhandalamani Temple Many fairs and festivals are held in the vicinity of the temple, the most important of which being the Mahashivaratri. Tourists, including a large number of pilgrims, came to the temple’s heart during the event. During the month of Sravana, akhapeople from all over the country gather here to pour holy water on the Siva Linga and worship Lord Shiva. The Akhandalamani Temple is the main source of Bhadrak’s prosperous tourism sector development.

How to reach Baba Akhandalamani Temple


The Nearest Air Port is Bhubaneswar which is 179 km and nearest Railway Station is Bhadrak Railway Station which is 50 km away from Baba Akhandalami. Aradi is well connected by road. A number of Public Transport , i.e. Buses are running from Bhadrak Town to Aradi daily. It is 42 KM away from Bhadrak Town.

History of Baba Akhandalamani

Akhandalamani Temple
Akhandalamani Temple

There is no definitive history recorded for either Baba Akhandalamani or the Lord Siva shrine. According to folklore, some 350 years ago, during the reign of Raja Sri Niladri Samara Singha Mohapatra, the Raja dispatched a peasant to cultivate his paddy field on the Baitarani River’s bank. The blade of his plough was damaged when he was cultivating by a harsh object. Astonished, the peasant discovered a black glazed granite stone full of blood streaming toward the Baitarani River. The peasant hurried to summon King Niladrisamar Singhm, who rushed to the scene and discovered a stream of milk in place of blood, as well as a massive black cobra hooding the stone.

The monarch had a dream that night about the arrival of the God Akhandalamani in that location. This information quickly travelled throughout the community. The following day, King Niladri Samara Singha Mohapatra began worshipping the great god and constructed a wooden temple on the location. A vast number of devotees from various villages began to come to worship the great God. The monarch summoned five Brahmins from the Jajapur district village of Naharagrama to do seva-puja (worship and care) for Lord Akhandalamani.

Baba Akhandalamani HD Photo

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