Rule and Benefits of wearing Rudraksha Mala

What is Rudraksha ?

A rudraksha is a seed from the Elaeocarpus ganitrus tree that plays a significant part in the life of a spiritual seeker. Rudraksha is the seed of a certain tree species that grows at a specific elevation in the highlands, primarily in the Himalayan region.

Where Rudraksha is found?

The Rudraksha bead has a large following around the world. They can now be found primarily in Nepal, Burma, Thailand, and Indonesia. They can be found in several sections of South India’s Western Ghats, but the greatest quality ones come from a specific height in the Himalayas, where the soil, atmosphere, and everything else influences it. The vibration of these seeds is rather distinct.

Why there is one additional bead in 108 beads of a rudraksha mala?

Typically, these beads are strung together as a mala or a string of beads. The amount of beads that should be strung into the mala, according to science, should be 108 plus one additional bead.

  • The bindu is represented by this additional bead.
  • The additional bead is witnessed for how many chant have you done and whether you have chanted properly or not.
  • This bindu is very important since it ensures that the Rudraksha’s energy does not become cyclic. In sensitive persons, this energy cycle might cause dizziness. A mala with 84 or more beads, as well as a bindu, is suggested for safe use.
Rudraksha Mala
Rudraksha Mala

Benefits of wearing Rudraksha Mala

  • Rudraksha functions as a shield against negative energy.
  • The Rudraksha mala is ideal for people who are constantly on the move. Because it surrounds you with a protective shield and provides you with stability and support.
  • If you hold a rudraksha above clean, drinking water, it will spin clockwise. The rudraksha will turn anti-clockwise if the water is dirty.
  • The rudraksha is also utilised to ensure that your food is of high quality. If you place it over any positive pranic chemical, it will spin clockwise. If you place it over a negative pranic material, it will rotate in the opposite direction.
  • The Rudraksha mala is also effective in healing skin conditions such as itching, skin irritation, and sores.
  • Colds and coughs can be cured with a combination of Rudraksha bead powder, Tulsi, and honey. Mix the powder of this extremely delightful bead with mustard oil to cure any joint difficulties.
  • Rudraksha beads may aid in the improvement of focus and concentration in children.
  • The Rudraksha mala is claimed to bring one’s life to a state of purity.
  • The Rudraksha mala is typically used when practising meditation or reciting a prayer.

Rule of wearing Rudraksha Mala

  • Shivratri, navratri, Mahashivratri and eclipse are the auspicious and favorable time to dharan this energised rudraksha.
  • Do not contact rudraksha with pointer fingers during chanting.
  • Do not contact rudraksha with dirty hand.
  • If you accidentally touch your rudraksha with dirt, pour some ganga jal on it and pray for forgiveness.
  • If you don’t want to dharan/wear your rudraksh, store it in a little box at the puja location.
  • Once a year, at maha shivaratri or shivratri, get your rudraksh bead/mala re-stimulated through its Pran Prathistha puja.
  • Always remember that the amount of benefit you receive from your rudraksh is proportional to the amount of respect, devotion and care you give it.

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