Panchmukhi Deep – Significance and amazing benefits in Hindusim

According to Hindu Dharma, lighting of panchmukhi deep during puja is important. Lighting of Deep are also at the root of many sacred trees such as Tulasi, Ashwatha, Amla, along with God. It is believed that lighting a lamp in the house in the morning and evening removes negative energy and spreads positive energy.

panchmukhi deep
panchmukhi diya

Significance of Panchmukhi Deep

  • Apart from the one-pointed deep, the five-pointed deep is also very important during the worship.
  • It is said that by lighting the fifth deep, God is quickly pleased and all the desires of the devotee are fulfilled.
  • Even in astrology, the five-point deep is considered very bright.

Amazing Benefits of Panchmukhi Deep

Let us know what problems are solved by lighting the five-point lamp with deep mantra

  • Every Tuesday Puja by lighting the Pamphukhi lamp in front of “Bajrangbali Bali” God Hanuman brings peace to the home.
  • Positive energy flows deep should be lit with 5 pure Ghees. This increases happiness and removes bad luck or “Vastu dosha”.
  • Every evening, Maa Lakshmi is pleased by placing five-pointed deep on both sides of the main door of the house and also wealth increases.
  • Every morning after taking bath and work, take clear water in a copper vessel and put 7 Tulasi leaves and keep it for Lord Shri Vishnu. Then chant the mantra ” Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” and panchamukhi deep is performed on every Tuesday in the puja place.
  • To get rid of old litigation problems, install Panchmukhi deep.This leads to victory in court cases.
  • Panchmukhi Deep is very beneficial to get the blessings of Lord Kartikeya.

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