World Bee Day 2024 – Recognize importance of bees to ecosystem

World Bee Day is observed every year on May 20 to honor the importance of pollinators like bees to biodiversity, food security, and the environment. The father of beekeeping, Anton Jansa, was born on this day in 1734. The International Day of Bees is an opportunity to recognize the importance of bees to the ecosystem.

History of World Bee Day

On the other hand, pollination is essential to the survival of our ecosystems. More than 90% of the world’s wild blooming plant species, as well as more than 75% of food crops and 35% of the world’s agricultural area, rely totally or partially on animal pollination. Pollinators are essential to biodiversity conservation in addition to directly assisting with food security.

The UN declared May 20 to be World Bee Day in an effort to increase public awareness of the value of pollinators, the dangers they confront, and how they contribute to sustainable development.

world bee day
world bee day
  • The UN Member States approved Slovenia’s proposal to proclaim 20 May as World Bee Day in December 2017.

Themes of the World Bee Day 2024

  • 2024 – “Bee engaged with youth”.
  • 2023 – “Bee engaged in pollinator-friendly agricultural production”
  • 2022 – “Bee engaged: Build Back Better for Bees”

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