Mantra or Sloka for Lighting Lamp or Diya (Deep Jyoti Mantra)

In the Hindu religion, light is regarded as a symbol of good fortune, wealth, and abundance. Light dispels darkness and provides brightness with it. It is possible to see things clearly in the light. Lamp (Deep) is a component of many customs and cultures throughout the world, but especially in India. A lamp is lit each day in practically every Indian home, regardless of whether it is rural or urban, in reference to holy or secular aspects of culture. You can light the lamp while reciting the following Sloka or Shloka. Another name for this prayer is “Deepa shlokam.” Deepa Jyoti Mantra or Deep Vandana The ghee lamp’s light dispels evil, ignorance, and indifference. We are shown the solution to our issues, anxieties, tensions, and unhappiness by the light or knowledge.

Mantra for Lighting diya
Mantra for Lighting deep

Given that knowledge or wisdom is the most valuable kind of wealth, it is thought that the light of a ghee lamp will bring prosperity. The wick, where a light shines brightly, is a sign of vitality and illumination. Mother Lakshmi, the goddess of riches, is also welcomed into the home with deepas. To honour knowledge as the highest form of wealth, we lit a lantern. Light is therefore revered as God. It is important to teach kids how to light their own lamps at home so they may experience the energising vibrations.

Mantra to chant before Lighting a Lamp

Subham Karoti Kalyanam Arogyam Dhana Sampadah Shatru Buddhi Vinashaya Deepa Jyoti Namostute

“I fold my hands before the light that brings prosperity, auspiciousness, good health, abundance of money and destruction of the enemy’s intellect,” is the correct translation of the mantra. Here, darkness stands in for the intelligence of the opponent, and it vanishes when light enters the scene. Similar to how light (God’s Grace) vanquishes darkness (the intelligence of the enemy).

Mantra to chant during Lighting a Lamp

Deepajyothi Parabrahma Deepajyothi Janardhana Deepo Me Hara Tu Paapam Sandhya Deepa Namostute

The mantra’s literal meaning is: “I prostrate myself in front of the Lord, who is represented by this light and is the preserver of this creation. I adore this light because it eliminates all the suffering brought on by my sins “.

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