8 Types of Havan / Yagna Kunda for Puja and Its benefits

According to Hindu religious law, this yagan kund or havan kund (fire pit) is considered to be holy. In general, people brought their sacrifices and offerings to this holy havan kund. Different kinds of kunds are created for the various kinds of sacrifices.

Purpose of 8 Types of Yagna Kunda

yagna kunda
Yagna Kunda
  1. Half Moon Yagna Kund (Half Circle Shaped)-For happiness and peace in the family. But both husband and wife have to sacrifice together.
  2. Trikon Yagna Kund (Triangle Shaped) – For complete victory over enemies.
  3. Vritta Yagna Kund ( Circle Shaped)- For public welfare and peace in the country. Yogis and Maharshi are done Yagna in vedic times.
  4. Sam Ashtastra Yagna Kund (Eight-angled Shaped) – For disease prevention and Happy healthy beautiful life
  5. Sam Shadastra Yagna Kund – To make enemies fight and win the battle.
  6. Chatush Kona Stra Yagna Kund –For all accomplishment devotional and materialistic thoughts work successfully
  7. Atipadam Yagna Kund – To neutralize the weapons s. It is designed as Lotus.
  8. Yoni Yagna Kund – To get a worthy son. Sometime it is designed as like Betel leaves.

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