Shalagram Puja Bidhi and Worshiping Benefits

What is a Shalagram. Worshiping Salagram removes the sins of the centenary, so what is the significance of worship …….. Let’s find out about it

Origin of Salagram

There is something in the Puranas about the origin of Shalgram; The gods were enraged at the wrath of a demon named Jalandhar; When he went to heaven to conquer; Jalandhar’s wife, Vrindarani, organized a special puja for her husband’s victory; Kale Jalandhar will prevail and the heavens will conquer; So the gods came together and begged Vishnu to break the worship organized by his wife; So when Vishnu came in front of Jalandhar’s wife in the form of Jalandhar, he got up from the puja; Vishnu then appeared in his original form; Infuriated by Vishnu’s conspiracy with Jalandhar’s wife, he cursed Vishnu to fall to the ground; From that day on, Vishnu fell on the banks of the Gandaki River in the form of a rock and was worshiped as a Shalgram.

Types of Shalagram

Shalgram worship has many meanings; It has to look like a rock; The rock is black or brown in color; In some cases it is white, blue or light; Jyotirmaya Shalgram is a rare Shalgram; Which is only available to the lucky ones; Vishnu’s chakra marks are painted on the full shalagram.

There are different types of shalgrams and about 33 species of shalgrams. Out of these, 27 types of Shalagrams are composed of 28 incarnations of Vishnu; It is said that 24 types of shalgrams are associated with 24 Ekadashi vows throughout the year; Some of the Shalgrams are round in shape, which is a form of the Gopala incarnation; If the Shalgram is in the form of a fish, it is a fish incarnation of Vishnu; If Shalgram is a tortoise-shaped form, it is an incarnation of Vishnu; If there are chakra marks on Shalgram, it is the form of Krishna.

Size of Shalagram

According to the scriptures, the size of Shalgram depends on which incarnation of Vishnu he is. In size, it is a symbol of Vishnu’s turtle and Kurma incarnation. Circles and lines are made of Shalgram stone, and this circle and line is said to be the incarnation of Vishnu and the people of his clan.

Puja Bidhi of Shalagram

The ritual of worshiping Shalgram is listed below.

  • Worship only one Shalgram at home
  • It is better to worship Shalgram than to worship idols or photos of Vishnu
  • Should bath in Panchamrit or Ganges water every day and anointed with basil and sandalwood.
  • The house where Shalgram is worshiped every day is always filled with Lakshmi and the house is full of wealth.
  • Worshiping Shalgram every day paves the way for salvation by eradicating the sins of previous births.
  • Shalgram is the form of the holy self Vishnu; So it is important to pay attention to purity while worshiping Shalgram.
  • There is also a temple in Shalgram located in Muktinath, Nepal; This temple is one of the major temples of the Vaishnava community; Getting to this place is not easy; Its path is very difficult and difficult.
  • Shalgram is the stone of Vishnu, so worshiping Shalgram can make Vishnu happy and believe that the 24 Shalagrams also represent the 24 Ekadashi.

How to Worship Shalagram

  • There are some rules and regulations that apply to worshiping Shalgram, and this is exactly the style of governing the country that he has used in Russia.
  • Before worshiping Shalgram, you should first bathe Shaligram in Panchamrit.
  • After bathing in Panchamrit, you should put sandalwood on it and put a basil leaf on it. In fact, basil is considered to be Vishnu’s favorite.
  • Then you offer flowers to Shalgram and worship him.
  • Worship Shalgram every day and always place Shaligram on a red cloth. Shalgram should only be kept in the temple and should always be placed near the idol of Vishnu.

Benefits of worshiping Shalgram

  • Worshiping Shalgram will make Vishnu happy soon and all your wishes will be fulfilled.
  • Lakshmi lives in the house where Shalgram is worshiped every day and there is never a lack of money in that house.
  • Worshiping Shalgram in the holy mind removes all sins and frees you from the penalty of this sin.
  • Worshiping Shalgram cleanses the brain and brings peace of mind.

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