Maa Torana Laxmi Majana Niti at Puri and HD Photos

Every Thursday morning, the Pujapanda Sebak dressed in new clothes of Torana laxmi on a ladder, performs Majana Nitti at a height of 22 feet above of the lion gate. Gaja Laxmi is worshiped in the form of Torana Laxmi, seated on a thousand petals lotus, at the entrance of the temple. A devotee steps into the Pavan dham Puri Jagannath Temple bows his hands, first bowing his head to the Arun Stambha and then to toranlakshmi and enters the Temple.

HD Images / Photos of Torana Laxmi, Puri Jagannath Temple

How can blessing of Goddess Lakshmi always be upon you

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