Amazing Benefits of Massaging Mustard Oil under Feet

Massage mustard oil under feet at night for tremendous benefits such as improve blood circulation, provide relief from fatigue and soreness, relaxes your mind and body, helps in good sleep, improve immunity against cold & fever, help in preventing or treating fungal infections on the feet and glowing skin

What are the benefits of applying mustard oil under feet

In the past, grandparents used to massage their feet with mustard oil, means that the feet have all the acupressure points connected to our body. When you massage mustard oil on the feet, pressure is applied on those points. Due to this some energy is generated in the body and those organs get benefits. So when you massage your feet with mustard oil, the heat of the mustard oil reaches your feet and it has many benefits for the body.

  • Cold Fever – By applying mustard oil on the feet daily, it creates energy in the body, which increases immunity . As a result, you don’t get cold and fever due to warming effect. Also, if you have a cold, it will help reduce it.
  • Stress relief – Massaging with mustard oil relieves stress. In fact, massaging can reduce your stress. It relaxes your mind and body. It helps you fall asleep faster and makes you feel better.
  • Improves Blood Circulation– By massaging mustard oil on the feet, the blood circulation works properly. It speeds up blood circulation throughout your body and relieves stress. It is not only beneficial for your body but also for the skin. Along with this, the nutrients reach your skin and the skin glows.
  • Reduces pain – Fatigue throughout the day causes restlessness and pain in the feet. In such cases, massaging mustard oil on the feet provides relief. It also relaxes the muscles, so that you feel relaxed.
  • Antifungal Properties: Mustard oil help in preventing or treating fungal infections on the feet.
mustard oil under feet
mustard oil under feet

How to apply the Mustard Oil under feet

Apply a little coating of oil to the foot soles using tiny, circular movements. Next, apply pressure with your thumb to the point where your shin and top foot connect. Drag your thumb slowly and gently across the top of your foot to the big toe.

While mustard oil might be beneficial for some people, it’s important to use it carefully. If in doubt, get the opinion of a dermatologist or healthcare professional as Skin Irritation, Allergic Reactions, Staining, skin sensitivities may happen.

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