Why it is not recommended bathing at Midday or Afternoon

“Brahma Muhurta” or Early Morning bathing has many significance in Sanatan Dharma. It is mentioned in the scriptures or Puruans that after bathing in Brahma Muhurta for chanting mantras, learning and studying the Vedas.

bathing at midday
midday bath

Why it is not advisable bathing at Mid Day or Afternoon as per Health Experts

Among these, bathing is given the most importance. It is said to get out of bed and take bath before sunrise. Along with this, the science of bathing has also given its consent. Because it is said that by taking a bath for 10 minutes, the oily parts of the body will be removed and the body will become dry and the disease will also appear.
Apart from this, in the scriptures, the bath of the mid day of afternoon is also prohibited. Because by doing this, Maa Lakshmi is displeased. It is said that poverty, disease, grief, and mourning continue.

  • According to Science, bathing after eating can cause many health problems.
  • As we eat many kinds of food from morning to evening. For good digest exact body temperature is required. So if you take a bath in the afternoon after a meal, the body temperature is lowered.
  • Due to low body temperature, urination may not occur properly.
  • Therefore, problems like digestive problems, colic acidity, gout etc. occur, along with imbalance in body temperature, it affects the blood circulation. It is also can cause high blood pressure and heart problems.
  • If the food is not properly digest, the body does not get the necessary nutrients and the metabolism level of the body slows down, along with this, the body’s immune system is also destroyed.
  • Health experts said. If we compare these health problems with the scriptures, it can be said that sickness and poverty are normal.

The practice of taking a shower first thing in the morning is considered ritualistic in Hinduism. After the early morning ritual of purification, all subsequent activities, including puja, eating, working, and so on, should be carried out. Certain mantras should be spoken over and over again while having a bath.

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