Know the How (Holy Basil) Tulsi enhances the Skin Beauty

You can lighten your skin tone with tulsi. Its cleansing properties help with smog, heat, stress, and some skin problems. Tulsi has important oils in it that help feed and moisturize the skin and make it look better.

  • Other Name Tulasi – Tulasi, tamole, damole, or domole in Fiji.
  • Botanical Family – It is an aromatic perennial plant in the family Lamiaceae.
  • Location– It is native to tropical and subtropical regions of Australia, Malesia, Asia, and the western Pacific.

How to Use Tulsi to Get Glowing, Radiant Skin

Indian medicine, called Ayurveda, is based on ancient knowledge about how to take care of your skin and hair. One of the most important parts of an Ayurvedic beauty practice is using herbs that have been proven to help your face look its best.

  • Tradition says that tulsi may help get rid of pimples, reduce skin redness, and speed up the growth of hair.
  • Rich in medicinal properties, tusi is not only good for health, but also helps in enhancing beauty.
  • Tulasi can be used for beautiful hair. Make a pack by adding one or two teaspoons of tusi powder to one teaspoon of curd. Apply it on your face and neck. It relieves the dryness of skin.
  • Applying tulsi leaves on the face every day and night will increase the glowing of the skin.
  • Make a pack by mixing basil leaves with gram flour and honey Apply it on your face for ten minutes and then wash your face with lukewarm water.
  • Mix sandalwood powder with tulsi powder and some rose water and apply it on your face. Wash off with cold water after 20 minutes Applying it twice a week will make your skin look beautiful.

How to make holy basil powder at home

Simply drying the tulsi leaves in the shade is all that is required to make tulsi powder. The leaves should be washed and then dried with a cloth. Allow the leaves to rest in the shade for about a week; sunshine is not necessary. Your dried basil is now prepared to be ground up into powder.

use of tulsi for skin
use of tulsi for skin glowing

Other Health Benefits of Tulasi

  • Used in Common Cold, Cough and good for lung health
  • Help is Blood circulation
  • Stress prevention and recovery
  • Regulate the Weight
  • Mental clarity
  • Exhaustion and burnout Prevention

Other Health Benefits of Tulasi to Skin

  • Fights acne
  • Helps in healthy skin aging
  • Reduces pigmentation
  • soothes skin conditions like eczema
  • Prevents hair loss or thinning
  • Prevents dandruff in Hair

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