What is the Meaning of Blogging, Vlog and Meme

Let us know the meaning of Vlog and meme and blogging. There is a trending in youngsters to make vlog and memes of social media and share also.

Vlog and Meme

Meaning of Vlog

A video blog, often known as a video log or vlog  is a type of blog in which the medium is video. Embedded video (or a video link) is frequently combined with supporting text, photos, and other metadata in vlog postings.

Vlogger-A person who creates and maintains a blog consisting mostly of videos rather than text or images:

Vlog Vs Blog

The word vlog comes from the phrase “video blog,” implying that the two types of material are closely related. A vlog is essentially a modern form of content distribution. The fundamental difference is that a blog mostly consists of written content, whereas a vlog primarily consists of video.

Meaning of Meme

Meme is a shortened form of Greek mimēma, meaning ‘something imitated. An picture, video, text, or other piece of media that is quickly reproduced and distributed by internet users, frequently with minor modifications.

Meme Video

A meme video combines a short video with funny text. Meme videos are a fun way to share video with commentary or to stand out in a busy social media feed.

What is blogging

A blog or web blog is a conversation or informational website consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries that is published on the World Wide Web (posts). Typically, posts are shown in reverse chronological order, with the most recent post appearing first at the top of the web page.

Blogger-a person who regularly writes material for a blog.

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