YouTube Video Thumbnail: Very easy to Set / Add on Mobile

Hi Friends Let us know How to Set or Add YouTube Video Thumbnail on any smart Mobile. Those who are creating videos on youtube firstly encounter the problem. Let us the easy steps you can call the short cuts to make youtube thumbnail in your smart mobile.

10 Very Easy Steps to Create Youtube Thumbnail.

  1. First download the youtube studio in your mobile.
  2. Open the chrome and type
  3. Switch to Desktop Site by clicking with three dot at the right corner of the chrome.
  4. Log in to your account by putting your email id and Password.
  5. Verify your mobile number which is attached to your mail id by putting OTP.
  6. If Verify option is not showing then in the search box type
  7. Here you find the verify options and verify the mobile number by putting OTP.
  8. After verify successful. You will see all your uploaded videos.
  9. Click in the edit option.
  10. Make your youtube video thumbnail from suggestion or you can create a new by uploading.
youtube thumbnail

Youtube Thumbnail Size

The optimum thumbnail size is 1280 720 pixels wide and 640 pixels tall, with a 16:9 aspect ratio for YouTube players and previews.

How To Quickly Compress your Custom Video Thumbnail for Youtube.

  • Open the image in Paint and Save as JPEG without losing your quality.
  • Open the image with Microsoft Office Picture Manager , then click in the edit pictures and compress the thumbnail as required size.

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