Basudevpur Municipality Ward Details

Basudevpur Municipality has an area of 47.78 Sq. Kms and Population of 33,690 as per Census-2011, consisting of 23 Nos. of Wards, 21 Revenue Villages and 6599 House Holds.

Basudevpur municipality ward
Basudevpur municipality

Ward Wise Population as per 2011 Census

S.N.Ward No.House HoldTotal PopulationMaleFemaleST PopulationSC Population
1Ward No.0129518038819220837
2Ward No.0232117028318718884
3Ward No.0320110525035490489
4Ward No.04265131668163500
5Ward No.05224114657557106
6Ward No.0628713817046770430
7Ward No.0731016458378082238
8Ward No.08236122062859200
9Ward No.092001418721697013
10Ward No.10276152580272310384
11Ward No.114442079106310163242
12Ward No.1237916868298573272
13Ward No.13266128065063018379
14Ward No.1430916497928570442
15Ward No.1526415227937290108
16Ward No.161951127579548033
17Ward No.17292137270366910510
18Ward No.183171580809771110
19Ward No.19333133965668304
20Ward No.2026014967707265114
21Ward No.21377170684785914183
22Ward No.22272130262767500
23Ward No.2327613446466980248
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