All Cyclone List in Odisha From 1737 to 2021

Let us know all the Cyclone List in Odisha. Odisha experiences regular cyclone in the month of October or May. Odisha and cyclones have a long history together. The majority of cyclonic formations in the Bay of Bengal hit land.

Prior to the 1999 Odisha Cyclone, which left a trail of destruction in its wake, the most recent cyclone about which precise information is available is that of October 1971 in the district of Balasore, which claimed 10,000 lives and displaced 10 lakhs people. Super cyclone in the year 1999 over 10,000 people were killed by the ‘Very Severe Cyclonic Storm.

bay of bengal_cyclone_odisha
bay of bengal_cyclone_odisha

Name of Cyclone list hit in Odisha before 1971

  • 1737 – Super Cyclone
  • 1831 – Very Severe Cyclonic Storm
  • 1846 – Very Severe Cyclonic Storm
  • 1864 – Very Severe Cyclonic Storm
  • 1885 – Super Cyclone
  • 1942 – Very Severe Cyclonic Storm
  • 1967 – Very Severe Cyclonic Storm
  • 1971 – Very Severe Cyclonic Storm
  • 1999 – Super cyclone that marked a turning point in disaster preparedness in Odisha. The Cyclone was the strongest tropical storm in the North Indian Ocean.

Cyclones and Odisha go back a long way. The two are somewhat synonymous. Most of the cyclonic formations in the Bay of Bengal make a landfall in Odisha.

Before the 1999 Odisha Cyclone that left a trail of destruction behind it, the last cyclone about which there is some detailed information is that of October 1971 in the district of Balasore which claimed 10,000 lives and left 10 lakh people homeless.

Here are some of the deadliest cyclone list in Odisha since 1999

10 Deadliest Cyclones to Have Hit Odisha in Last 2 Decades

  1. Phailin – Strong tropical cyclone-12th October-2013.
  2. Hudhud – Strong tropical cyclone-12th October-2014.
  3. Titli – Very severe cyclonic storm-8th October-2018.
  4. Fani – Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm-2nd May 2019.
  5. Bulbul – Very Severe Cyclonic Storm-5th November 2019.
  6. Amphan – The powerful tropical cyclone-16th May 2020.
  7. Yaas –A cyclone-16th May 2021.
  8. Gulab – 26th September, 2021 – Cyclone Gulab was a deep depression that formed in the Bay of Bengal and later intensified into a cyclonic storm. It affected the coasts of south Odisha.
  9. Jawad-A Cyclone-4th December 2021-Jawad was the third cyclone of 2021 after Yaas and Gulab. The Cyclonic Storm Jawad was not that strong tropical cyclone but it caused major disruptions in parts of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.
  10. Asani-7th May 2022.

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