July 2–National Days, Birthday and Important Past Events

July 2 2023 is Sunday. Holidays & Observances, National and Special Days, Major Past Events, Zodiac Sign, Birthday of Celebrity & famous personalities on this date.

Holidays, Observances of Special Day & National Day on July 2

Find out about events, festivals, funny, weird, national days, special days & Holidays happening around the world on this day.

  • 183rd day of the Gregorian Calendar
  • Western Zodiac – Cancer
  • Build a scarecrow Day
  • National I Forgot Day
  • National Anisette Day
  • World UFO Day
july 2 National days, Special Days, Holidays Celebration
july 2 National days, Special Days, Holidays Celebration

Past events and historical events on July 2

  • 2011-In Hong Kong, police detained over 200 demonstrators who had assembled to voice their opposition to rising real estate costs and political developments. people
  • 2002 Steve Fossett, an American businessman, successfully completes the first solo balloon flight around the globe.
  • 2001-The first self-contained artificial heart transplant was performed.
  • 1979-The Susan B. Anthony dollar became available at banks.
  • 1966-United States navy planes sink 3 North Vietnamese torpedo boats.
  • 1964-U.S.A. Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a landmark piece of legislation that outlawed segregation in schools, public places, and employment.
  • 1945-The American Air Force drops over 1000 tons of explosives on each of four Japanese cities
  • 1937-Amelia Earhart and her navigator Frederick Noonan go missing during their attempt to fly around the world
  • 1900-The first takeoff of the Zeppelin.
  • 1843-In the midst of a thunderstorm in Charleston, South Carolina, an alligator fell from the sky.

Famous Personalities & Celebrities Birthday on July 2

  • 1986-Lindsay Lohan-American actress, singer
  • 1925-Patrice Lumumba-Congolese 1st Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • 1925-Medgar Evers-American civil rights activist
  • 1877-Hermann Hesse-German writer, Nobel Prize laureate
  • 1489-Thomas Cranmer-English Archbishop of Canterbury

FAQ / People Also

1. Which Day is 2nd July 2023?
  • 2nd July is Sunday
  • 183rd day of the Gregorian calendar
  • Western Zodiac- Cancer
2. Special Day on July 2?
  • People all across the world are encouraged to come together and watch for unexplained flying objects on October 2, which has been designated as World UFO Day. The day is celebrated by some on June 24, and others on July 2.
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