List of Moon Mission by Country From 1958 to 2023

United Nations have successfully Moon Mission 39 out of 59, First spacecraft to reach lunar surface-12.09.1959 by USSR, First spacecraft to soft land on the far side of the Moon -07.12.2008 by China.

Moon Missions by Country


Moon Missions by organization / company

CountryAgency or companyTotalSuccessful
 USALockheed Martin11
 South KoreaKARI11
 USAFluid & Reason11

Important Successful Moon Mission by Country

CountryLaunch DateMission / SpacecraftCarrier rocketOutcome
Soviet Union12.09.1959Luna 2LunaFirst spacecraft to reach lunar surface
United States28.07.1964Ranger-7Atlas LV-3 Agena-B
United States23.04.1962Ranger-5Atlas LV-3 Agena-BFirst spacecraft to impact the far side of the Moon
Soviet Union31.01.1966Luna 9Molniya-MFirst spacecraft to land successfully on the Moon
Soviet Union31.03.1966Luna 10Molniya-Mfirst spacecraft to orbit the Moon
United States21.12.1968Apollo 8Saturn VFirst crewed mission to the Moon
United States16.07.1969Apollo 11Saturn VFirst crewed landing on the Moon
Soviet Union12.09.1970Luna 16Proton-K/DFirst robotic sampling mission
India22.12.2018Chandrayaan-1PSLV-XL C11first to impact the Lunar south pole
China07.12.2018Chang’e 4Long March 3BFirst spacecraft to soft land on the far side of the Moon
India23.08.2023Chandrayaan-3LVM3-M4First spacecraft to land successfully on south side on the Moon
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