What you cannot eat and drink while fasting

People specially women used to keep fast during festivals or Rituals. Fasting is usually associated with devotion. However, some people do not think that fasting leads to weight loss. Fasting is said to be good for health in science and devotional, but there are some foods during fasting, which can cause gas, acidity, headache, vomiting etc. problems. So let’s find out which foods are harmful to the body during fasting and What you cannot eat and drink while fasting.

not to eat during fating
do and do not in fasting

What foods can’t you eat while fasting

  • During fasting time, drinking too much tea can lead to many health problems. Drinking two or more cup of tea can causes gas and acidity problems.
  • Do not eat sour fruits such as oranges, lemons, etc. Instead of this you should eat banana, apple, watermelon and etc.
  • Some people eat more oily food during fasting than on normal days that affects health problems. So you must eat fruits, dry fruits and liquid and light food.
  • Some people do fasting without drinking water also, but it is not necessary to do that this causes weakness in the body, headache. Vomiting and gastric ulcers.

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