What are 10 Directions and How to eliminate direction error

As per the religious books of Hinduism or Sanatan dharma there are 10 directions in total. Most of the time, Hindus pray with their backs to the North, North East, East, or South East to get good results from their offerings.

What are the 10 Directions or Das Dishayen

  • East (Purva)
  • West (Paschim)
  • South (Dakshin)
  • North (Uttar)
  • North-East (Ishan or lshaanya)
  • South-East (Agni or Aagneya)
  • South-West (Nairut or Nairutya)
  • South-East (Vayu or Vayavya)
  • Urdhwa (Above)
  • Adhah (below or Pataal)

How to eliminate direction error for Success

Heaven and hell are also described as directions. But in Vastu Shastra, there are 8 aspects of Vastu fault and ways to prevent it. According to Vastu Shastra, if the Vastu is defective in any aspect, inauspicious results are obtained. Let’s find out how to eliminate direction error.

eliminate direction error
eliminate direction error
  1. Eastern direction – According to Vastushastra, the lords of the eastern direction are Sun and Indra. The gods live in this direction. Gayatri Mantra and Adityahardaya Stotra should be recited to remove the faults related to this aspect. This aspect is mainly esteem, high job, physical happiness, mental illness and father’s place.
  2. West – The ruling planets of the west are Shani and Varuna. This aspect gives success and achievement. If there is a fault in this aspect, leprosy, physical ailments, rheumatism etc. will occur. There is failure in action. There is a loss of dignity. Shani Dev should be worshiped to remove this aspect.
  3. Northern direction – Mercury and Kubera are the lords of the northern direction. There is always a financial crisis in life if there is a fault in this aspect. Success is not achieved. To remove this fault, one should install Mercury instrument and worship Ganesha and Kuber.
  4. South direction – The lords of the south direction are Mars and Yama. If there is a fault in this aspect, there will be family discord. There is conflict between brothers for property. Hanuman should be worshiped regularly to remove this fault.
  5. North-east direction (northeast corner) –Lord Shiva and Lord Shiva are the princes of the eastern corner. This corner should always be kept neat and tidy to eliminate the defects of this direction.
  6. South-east direction (Agneya Kon) – The ruler of this direction is Venus and Agnidev. If Vastudosha is in this aspect, there will be obstacles in married life, quarrels, unsuccessful love affairs etc. To remove this defect, Shukra machine should be installed in the house.
  7. South-west direction (Neirutta corner) – Ruling planets of this direction are Rahu-Ketu and Neiruti. To remove this defect, 7 types of grains should be donated for Rahu-Ketu.
  8. North-west direction (Vaibya) – The lord planet of this direction is the moon and the god of air. If there is a fault in this aspect, there will be mental depression, insomnia, respiratory diseases, fertility related problems. To remove this fault one should worship Lord Shiva regularly.

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