Today Population – India and World 2024

Population of Different Countries in the World(2024). In 2024, total population of World is 8,118,836,000 and India stands 1st in the list with a total of 1,441,719,852 people followed by China, with the second largest population globally of 1,425,178,782 people in total.

Population of India

YearPopulationDensity (P/Km²)Country’s Share of World Pop 
20241,441,719,85248517.76%1.441 Billions
20001,059,633,67535617.23%1.059 Billions
1955398,577,99213414.51%39 Crore

Population of World

YearPopulationDensity (P/Km²) 
20248,118,835,999558 Billions
20006,148,898,975416 Billions
19552,746,072,141182 Billions

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