November 7 – National Days, Birthday & Major Past Events in US

November 7 2022 is Monday. Holidays & Observances, National and Special Days, Major Past Events, Zodiac Sign, Birthday of Celebrity & famous personalities on this date.

Here You Know the Holidays, Observances, Special Day & National Day on November 7

  • 311th day of the Gregorian calendar
  • Western Zodiac – Scorpio
  • Full Moon Day of Tazaungmone Holiday- Myanmar
  • National Hug A Bear Day
  • All Saints’ Day- Colombia
  • Days of History and Memory of Ancestors- Kyrgyzstan
  • National Cancer Awareness Day – Observed to increase awareness about cancer and to make finding a cure a priority for health care around the world.
  • National Broadcast Traffic Professionals Day
  • Job Action Day
  • International Merlot Day – Honours one of the most well-known and widely consumed red wines in the world.
  • Fateha-i-Yajdaham- Bangladesh
  • National Bittersweet Chocolate with almonds
  • Day off for Constitution Day- Tajikistan, Tonga
  • National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day.

Major Past Historical Events on November 7

Here you can get Major Past events and historical events on 7th November. List of Significant News Events and what happened this day in history. Let us Find Out.

  • 2013-The Employment Non-Discrimination Act was passed by the Senate of the United States (ENDA).
  • 2011- Bolivia and the US have both signed an agreement to start talking to each other again.
  • 2000-Hillary Rodham Clinton, wife of President Clinton, wins a Senate seat for New York Democrats, becoming the only First Lady to do so.
  • 1991 – Magic Johnson the Basketball legend announces he will retire from the Los Angeles Lakers after testing positive for HIV.
  • 1987-Zine El Abidine Ben Ali overthrew President Habib Bourguiba in a bloodless coup.
  • 1947-Khuang Aphaiwong became Prime Minister after the military overthrew Thawan Thamrong Nawasawat.
  • 1917-Vladimir Lenin’s Bolsheviks took over the winter palace and overthrew the post-Tsarist interim government, giving total power to Russia’s communists.
  • 1916-Montana’s Jeannette Rankin was the first female House member.
  • 1869-First Paris-Rouen was the first city-to-city bike race. James Moore, a Paris-based Englishman, won the race.

Famous Personalities & Celebrities Birthday on November 7

  • 1952 David Petraeus-American military officer, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.
  • 1943 Joni Mitchell-Canadian singer-songwriter, guitarist
  • 1918 – Billy Graham was an evangelist and an ordained SBC minister
  • 1913 Albert Camus-French author, journalist, philosopher, Nobel Prize laureate
  • 1888 C. V. Raman-Indian physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
  • 1867 Marie Curie-Polish chemist, physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
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