Name of Ashta Nagas – 8 Snake Gods or Serpent Deities

In Hinduism, the Ashta Nagas are eight gods who are snakes. South India, especially Kerala, South Karnataka, and parts of Tamil Nadu, is where they are most famous. Each of the eight snake gods is honored on its own.

ashta nag names
ashta nagas

List of Ashta Nagas- Name of 8 Snakes God

Ashta Nagas are worshiped to cure of skin diseases, pregnancy problems and to avoid all kinds of problems in the zodiac caused by Rahu and Ketu being in bad places in Horoscope. People also think that making offerings to the eight nagas will help them find hidden wealth and happiness. They are

  • Anantha or Sesha Naga
  • Gulika
  • Vasuki
  • Shankapala
  • Thakshak
  • Mahapadma
  • Padma and
  • Karkodaka

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