24 Spokes of Ashok Chakra & Its Meaning

75th Independence Day 2022: Each of the 24 spokes of the Ashoka Chakra motivates Indians to work nonstop for a full day. Let’s explore the significance of the 24 Ashok Chakra spokes on the occasion of the nation’s 75th Independence Day.

The Dharmachakra, a wheel with 24 spokes in Buddhism, is represented by the Ashoka Chakra. It is so named because it appears on several Ashoka edicts, the most notable of which is the Lion Capital of Ashoka.

24 Spokes of Ashok Chakra

The twelve causal linkages that the Buddha taught are represented by the 24 spokes in forward and then backward order. 12 stages of suffering are represented by the first 12 spokes. The next 12 spokes stand for no cause, no consequence. Thus, the development of mental conditioning is stopped as a result of mind awareness. The birth and death processes are stopped by this mechanism. In addition, the “wheel of time” is shown.

Ashok chakra
Ashok Chakara

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