11+ Did You Know Amazing Facts of India & World

Let us know the 11+ Did You Know-India’s Amazing Facts in Top lists, trivia, and fascinating facts about people, places, and history of India and World are included.

Let us know the India’s First Rapid Rail, Diamond Crossing & India’s First Cable-Stayed Rail Bridge many more.

did you know
did you know
  1. India’s First Rapid Rail-India’s First Rapid Rail’s First Look has Been Unveiled. It will travel 88 kilometres (km) along the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut Corridor in about 55 minutes. For the advantage of the general public, the train will offer much-needed 2 X 2 transverse seats.
  2. Diamond CrossingNagpur, Maharashtra is home to this railroad crossing. Because it is the intersection of the Indian Railway lines running from East to West and North to South, it is known as “Diamond Crossing.” Only in India is this type of thing prevalent; it is unique worldwide. Amazing India.
  3. India’s First Semi-High speed train – India’s first semi-high-speed train, which is entirely domestically produced, has been delivered. The semi-high-speed regional train is intended to travel at 180 kph and was built to that speed. This train should cut the distance between Delhi and Neerut’s travel time in half.
  4. India’s First Cable-Stayed Rail Bridge-In Jammu and Kashmir, India will soon have its first cable-supported rail bridge.
  5. India’s first flight of the unmanned aerial vehicle – The unmanned aerial vehicle’s first flight was successfully accomplished by DRDO.The autonomous flying wing technology demonstrator is the name of the UAV. At the Aeronautical Test Range in Chitradurga, Karnataka, the exercise was carried out.This trip represents a significant turning point in the development of vital technology for the future.
  6. Announcements in Sanskrit – The Sanskrit announcements at Varanasi’s Laal Bahadur Shastri Airport begin. Since ancient times, Varanasi has been a centre for Sanskrit, and an endeavour has been launched to show respect for the language.
  7. Sikkim – Sikkim recognized as World’s first organic & crime-free state.
  8. India’s Oldest Athlete – India’s 94-Year-Old Athlete Bhagawani Devi Dagar Won the Gold Medal in the 100 Meters Race at the World Masters Athletics Championships 2022 in Tampere, Finland.
  9. Brahma Kamal Flower – Only one night a year, and that night is after sunset, the Brahma Kamal flower blooms. It requires two hours for it to fully bloom. then just remains open for a short while. A rare photograph of this unusual flower in full bloom was captured in Uttrakhand’s Nandikund. Only the fortunate are said to be able to witness this flower bloom.
  10. Ratneshwar temple-The Pisa Tower is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and leans only 4 degrees. It is believed that the 9-degree leaning Ratneshwar temple in Varanasi, which is close to Manikarnika ghat, dates from the reign of king Mansingh. While this structure is 74 metres tall, Pisa is just 54 metres tall. Only a small portion of people on earth are aware of it, though.
  11. Largest open-air kitchen in the world – The kitchen of the Puri Jagannath Temple feeds 100000 People every day and is the largest open-air kitchen in the world.

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