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Is life really sad or does the person themselves make their life sad or happy? “Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. Who is sad for one reason and who is sad for another. The question is, what is the root cause of human suffering? Why is man so sad even to have a godly body? Why is man miserable despite being a part of God as Sachchidananda? Why is it so sad to have material happiness?

The scriptures say that ignorance is the root cause of human suffering. Lack of knowledge is ignorance. It is foolish not to know one’s true nature, and to know one’s own true happiness. It is foolish not to have knowledge of truth, untruth, and everlasting, and to have knowledge of it is real knowledge. Because of his ignorance, the human body inherits everything that is born of it. He considers only the body, the mind, and the intellect to be his reality. As a result, man considers the happiness of the body, the happiness of the senses, the real happiness, and the sorrow of the body the real happiness.

The other creature that helps man to achieve physical happiness is the one who considers him to be the cause of his happiness, considers him his friend, the benefactor, along with the one who is angry with him, and the one who seems to be the obstacle to his happiness, the one who grieves him. He considers them the cause of his sorrow, considers them his enemies, and treats them with hatred, hatred, and so on.

In this way, because of one’s ignorance, man saves evil deeds because of his hatred. He creates new bonds of work for himself. He binds himself to the bonds of greed, anger, envy, good-wine, good-evil, sin-virtue, etc., and in this way he binds himself and makes himself miserable.

In fact, man considers himself to be the body, doing good-wine, sin-virtue, good-evil, etc. for sensual pleasure. The truth is that the body to which he obeys everything is God, momentary. That body can be left at any time, anywhere. How many living beings have left the body and how many bodies have been gained by the journey of birth and death. Yes, the soul of the living being is eternal, eternal, immortal, immortal.

This spirit is the splashing of the Spirit, which is present in the soul, present in the body. The body is only the garment of this soul, the covering. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

Being a part of God has the eternal power, the eternal power, in the soul of the living being, but that is dormant. We need to awaken that eternal power of our soul through the various practices of yoga and spirituality. As soon as the eternal power of the soul is awakened, man attains the supernatural from the ordinary, from the Narayan to the Narayan and from the human to the Madhav.

In that sense, it is possible to have a good time. Her life is filled with joy, excitement and joy. At the same time, he rises above the confusion of anger, hatred, joy, sorrow, honor, humiliation, life and death, and acts as a witness, a witness, and an activist. It is her life that makes her happy. As soon as we consider our body to be God and our soul to be a part of God, our moods change and our outlook on life begins to change.

As soon as the eternal power of the soul is awakened, our body, mind, soul, intellect, etc. become divine, becoming divine. This is how the sky becomes a divine abode for us, like heaven. So we will be proud, not arrogant. We will live a selfless life, not a secular life, because real life, eternal happiness is found in the selfish life, not the worship of the body, but the worship of the Spirit established in the body-shaped temple, the worship of God. We will leave the body and live a godly life.

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