Why does God give pain & sorrow to good people only

Friends, Let us know Why does God only give pain & sorrow to good people. Good people always suffer in this world. People are doing a lot of injustice but they are making a lot of money. People are are worse off than they are now. Find out more about the cause and what it means.

Why does god give pain

Story related to the Fact why does god make good people suffer

Today we are going to explain this to you through a story. There were two types of people in one village.

One worships God, the other dominates theft, beatings, and cloaks. A good man bears the full responsibility of the temple. The temple had a donation box. The evil thief, who had been stealing from the day, went to the temple and looted the donation box.

The villagers then beat him and kicked him out of the temple, suspecting that he was a good man who understood everything about the temple and was serving God. Wicked people are very happy to have the money in the donation box. But the good man was proud of God. He did not worship for a while, but then began to worship.

A few days later, both died. He then asks the Lord, “God, what sin have I committed, which is why I have heard blasphemy?” God there says that the man who stole the donation box had royalties. Because he was very virtuous in his former birth, but now he has become a little rich in his sins and sins. And the sin of blasphemy that you say was a death knell that day, but by virtue of your virtue it has only become blasphemy.

Moral of the Story

From above we know that as good people suffers most, but god does not spare the hands of the good people in every steps and every ways. With the blessing of God any one can achieve the success in life.

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