Bipasa river.

The Bipasa or Beas River is a river in India’s northwestern region. India is a river country. Here the river is considered to be a living force. So where it is referred to as the lifeline of which province is where the place is named after it. The province is named after Punjab, which flows through Punjab, such as Jhelum, Chenab, Gabi, Beas and Sutlej. In ancient times, these rivers were known as the Iravati, the Shatadva, the Charmati, the Bitasta, and the Bipasha.

Bipasa river

The river originates in the Himalayas in central India’s Himachal Pradesh and flows for 470 kilometres to the Sutlej River in Punjab. It stretches over 470 kilometres and has a drainage basin of 20,303 square kilometres.

Mythological facts on Bipasa river.

One of these rivers contains an anecdote about the importance of Bipasha in the Mahabharata. Seeing that his sons had been killed by Vishwamitra, Mahamuni Basishtha reached Mount Meru to end his life and jumped off the mountain. Surprisingly, there were countless rocks at the bottom of the mountain, but no damage was done. The rock fragments seemed to him to be a piece of cake.

As his life was not in it, he entered the forest of flames. But even the Dawanals were not able to contain the vassals. So Maharshi has one on his neck

He tied large stones and floated them in the sea. But the sea drowned him and brought him ashore.

Seeing that he had not died in any way, Basishta returned to the ashram. But as the empty ashram tormented him, he again committed suicide A snake and crocodile shell came out of the Himalayas and tried to jump into it. But when the river saw it, it divided its waters into thousands, and began to flow through the rocky beds. Disappointed, he saw a river full of running rain. Seeing this, Mahamuni pierced her body and entered the water The river, however, freed Basishta and brought him ashore. As a result, Basishta named the river Bipasha and built an ashram on its banks. Since then, Bipasha has been considered a Punyatoya river. There is still a temple of Brahmarshi Basishtha.

Bipasa river route.

Beas river map.

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