Rainbow Capital

The Rainbow capital is Hawaii, USA . Let us know why Hawaii called as heaven for rainbow.

How rainbow is formed


We could see the seven-colored rainbow every time even if it was raining in the opposite direction while the sun was in the sky. Needless to say, this beautiful view is a natural process of light. After a series of natural processes, such as light scattering, reflection, and internal reflection in the circular raindrops, we are exposed to the effects of this cyclic rainfall.

The sun and the weather combine to create a rainbow. As it passes from air to denser water, light enters a water droplet, slowing and bending. The light reflects off the inside of the droplet, separating the wavelengths or colors that make up the droplet. A rainbow is created as light escapes the droplet.

When it is possible

So since it is an automatic method, we cannot enjoy such a rare sight extending from the north to the south of the sky as we wish. High quality and more frequent rainbows are possible based on the environment of a place and the arrival of rain.

Why Hawaii is called as Rainbow capital

Hawaii, USA That is why many environmentalists have called it the “Rainbow heaven” The reason for the predominance of the rainbow there is that the sharp peaks of the mountains there create such a sequence or gradient in the clouds that most of the time it rains heavily.

Notably, the rainbow does not appear due to the fact that the above light processes cannot be achieved if it rains too hard or in a torrential downpour. In Hawaii, in the midst of clear sunlight, the occasional drizzle of rain invites such a rainbow. In addition, the clean environment there helps to illuminate the rainbow.

Some rainbow images

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