November 20-National Days, Birthday and Important Past Events

November 20 2023 is Monday. Holidays & Observances, National and Special Days, Major Past Events, Zodiac Sign, Birthday of Celebrity & famous personalities on this date.

Holidays, Observances of Special Day & National Day on November 20

Find out about important past events, festivals, funny, weird, national days, special days & Holidays happening around the world in different countries on this day

National days on Mon Nov 20th, 2023

  • 324th day of the Gregorian calendar
  • Western Zodiac – Scorpio
  • Africa Industrialization Day- USA
  • National Peanut Butter Fudge Day
  • World Children’s Day
  • Black Awareness Day- Brazil
  • Name Your PC Day
  • National Absurdity Day
november 20
november 20 national day

Past events and historical events on November 20

  • 2009-The five defendants in the “Liberty City Six” criminal case were sentenced by Judge Joan Lenard to federal prison.
  • 2008-A Congressional panel warned China has established a sophisticated cyber warfare programme and increased its ability to breach US computer networks.
  • 2007- The dollar falls to an all-time low against the Euro due to economic uncertainties.
  • 2003-Michael Jackson is booked on suspicion of multiple counts of child molestation.
  • 2001-US health officials approve the first transdermal patch to prevent ovulation and pregnancy.
  • 1998-First module of the manned artificial satellite International Space Station launched (ISS).
  • 1985-Microsoft released its first graphical operating systemWindows 1.0 released.
  • 1974-The Justice Department sues the American Telephone and Telegraph Co. (AT&T) for anti-trust violations in an attempt to break up the company.
  • 1968-Methane gas explosions in a West Virginia coal mine kills 78 men.
  • 1962-President John F. Kennedy issues Executive Order that bring an end to discrimination in housing.
  • 1962-President Kennedy ended the blockade of Cuba in exchange for the promise that Soviet bombers would leave the island.
  • 1959-Declaration of the Rights of the Child and annually celebrated as Universal Children’s Day or World Children Day.
  • 1947-Joe Walsh is an American guitarist, songwriter, and singer.
  • 1945-Nuremberg trials led by the International Military Tribunal begin.
  • 1923-American Garret Morgan was awarded the patent for an automated traffic signal.

Famous Personalities & Celebrities Birthday on November 20

Famous Celebrities birthdays on 20th November
  • 1992 Aditi Chauhan-Indian-Football Player
  • 1991 Aparna Dikshit-Indian-Actress
  • 1983-Future American rapper, record producer, singer, and songwriter
  • 1981-Sam Fuld-American baseball player
  • 1976 Tushar Kapoor-Indian-Actor
  • 1975-Dierks Bentley is a country music singer and songwriter
  • 1969-Dabo Swinney is an American football coach
  • 1942-Joe Biden-American politician, 46th President of the United States
  • 1929 Milkha Singh-Indian-Player
  • 1925-Robert F. Kennedy-American politician, 64th United States Attorney General
  • 1921 Chidananda Dasgupta-Indian-Director
  • 1905 Minoo Masani-Indian-Politician
  • 1889-Edwin Powell Hubble-Hubble Telescope-named after his name.
  • 1750 Tipu Sultan-Indian-military officer

FAQ / People Also

1. Which Day is 20th November 2023?

  • 20th November is Monday
  • 324th day of the Gregorian calendar
  • Western Zodiac- Scorpio

2. Special Day on November 20

  • World Children’s Day was first started in 1954 as Celebrated as Universal Children’s Day. It is celebrated every year on November 20 to bring people together around the world, make children aware of their rights, and improve their welfare.

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