Important Past events and Historical events on 6th June

Here you can get Past events and historical events on 6th June. Which day celebrated on 6th June and explore worldwide events and many more on this date.

What day is 6th June on 2021

6th june
6th june
  • 6th June 2021-Sunday.
  • Fuel prices have reached an all-time high across the country as a result of the 20th increase since May 4.
  • Mehul Choksi, the fugitive diamantaire, has stated that he fled India simply to seek medical care and not to avoid being investigated.
  • From Monday, Maharashtra’s five-phase plan to alleviate Covid-induced restrictions would be implemented.
  • The Banihal-Qazigund tunnel, which runs parallel to the Jammu-Srinagar national highway, is expected to open later this month.
  • BS Yediyurappa stated that he will remain Karnataka’s chief minister just as long as the BJP’s top command has faith in him.

What are special about June 6

  • 157th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar.
  • 6th June 2022-Monday.
  • Western Zodiac- Gemini.
  • National Caves and Karst Day.
  • World Green Roof Day.
  • National Gardening Exercise Day.
  • National Applesauce Cake Day.
  • Love Islanda Day.
  • National Thank God It’s Monday.
  • National Yo-Yo Day.
  • Russian Language Day.
  • National Drive-in Movie Day.

6th June Past events and Historical events

  • 2004- Recognition of Tamil as a classical language.
  • 1997-Establishment of an Economic Cooperation Association (BIMSTEC) by Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand.
  • 1984 Tetris, a video game, is released.
  • 1982 Israeli troops have invaded Lebanon.
  • 1981- A passenger train traveling from Mansi in Bihar crashes into a river, killing 268 people and leaving more than 300 missing.
  • 1946-The National Basketball Association (NBA) is established.
  • 1944-160,000 Allied forces land in Normandy, France, on D-Day.
  • 1942- During World War II, the Japanese Navy loses to the U.S. Navy in the Battle of Mi.
  • 1930-For the first time, frozen food is sold in retail establishments.
  • 1882- Millions of Bombay civilians are killed in a typhoon in the Arabian Sea.
  • 1674- The formal ascension of Chhatrapati Shivaji as Maharaja at Raigarh Fort.

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