Primary causes of worsening economic conditions in households

The income is not increasing commensurate with such unnecessary expenses. Result, stress stress stress. So, Reduce unnecessary expenses. The need for food, clothing and shelter was, is and will remain. Desires are infinite. There is no end to these.

The main factors for deterioration of household economic conditions

The main factors contributing to the deterioration of household economic conditions in the next 10 years will be…

  1. Every member of the house should have a smart phone, and get a new one every year.
  2. Showy expenses on birthdays, marriage anniversaries and many functions
  3. Huge increase in expenses due to change in lifestyle.
  4. Increase in children’s educational expenses like school, tuition etc.
  5. Lack of religious values.
  6. Less home-cooked food and more outside food.
  7. Personal expenses, beauty parlor, salon, branded clothes, Party, get together etc.
  8. Expenses incurred due to hunger for prestige in engagement, marriage etc.
  9. Interest paid on loan
  10. Huge increase in medical expenses. Reason: Wrong eating habits.