World Cities Day 2023 Venue & Theme

The 31st of October is designated as the annual observation day for the United Nations’ World Cities Day. The United Nations Human Settlements Programme, in conjunction with the city that is chosen to host the event annually, has been responsible for organising the global observance since its inception in 2014.

World Cities Day 2022
world cities day

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To encourage the interest of the international community in urbanisation on a global scale; and work to advance international cooperation in meeting the opportunities and addressing the challenges posed by urbanisation, as well as in making a contribution to the sustainable urban development of cities all over the world.


The United Nations General Assembly decided to name October 31 as World Cities Day in its resolution A/RES/68/239, which was adopted on December 27, 2013. This resolution stated that the Assembly “decides to proclaim 31 October as World Cities Day.” The first World Cities Day was held in October 2014 .


Better City, Better Life is the overarching theme of World Cities Day, but each year a new sub-theme and location are chosen for its global observance. The purpose of these changes is to either highlight the positive outcomes of urbanisation or to address specific problems that have arisen as a direct consequence of urbanisation.

World Cities Day 2023

  • Theme – Act Local to Go Global.
  • Venue – Shanghai, China

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